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Vineeth Mohan

In this guide, we explore Refresh and Flush operations in Elasticsearch. This guide will bring resolution to the differences between the two in an effective manner. We also cover the underlying basics of Lucene functionalities, like reopen and commits, which helps in understanding refresh and flush operations.

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In this blog post, we will cover an important feature, the filtering of values with partitions in terms aggregation, which can also be used to navigate through the unique terms in the buckets of terms aggregation.

Prior to 5.2, there was an option to put zero as value for size in terms aggregation and fetch all terms. But this approach was a failure because it could harm the main memory while downloading entire set of terms.

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Phrase suggester is an advanced version of the term suggester. The additional functionality, which phrase suggester employs, is the selection of entire corrected phrases instead of individual words. This is based on the ngram-language modeling, and phrase suggesters can make better choices of tokens based on both frequency and concurrency.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the phrase suggester to correct spellings in phrases, which offers “did you mean” search functionality in Elasticsearch.

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