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Qbox is excited to offer a new, powerful data intelligence option for our customers. Now you can select Kibi as a hosted analytics package on Qbox Elasticsearch clusters.

Kibi is a open-source data intelligence package built and maintained by a team of Elasticsearch contributors at Siren Solutions.

We’re proud to announce that Kibi can now be deployed on our hosted Elasticsearch service at no extra charge, as Qbox continues to add more flexible, enterprise-level options to our hosted Elasticsearch service.


The Scaling of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch began as an open-source, distributed, enterprise-grade search engine. Its friendly API made it the perfect component for searching large collections of unstructured data.

Due to its raw parsing power, it wasn’t long before Elasticsearch was put to work in BIG DATA analysis. Many different industries now rely daily on Elasticsearch as a crucial component to analyze metrics in areas of finance, the Internet of Things, HR, research science, medicine, P&L, customer service, security, and myriad more.

Kibi: the Bridge Between Data and Business Intelligence

The team at Siren Solutions saw the growing need for business intelligence analytics. They saw that data did not always translate to insight, so they created a fork of Kibana, named it Kibi, and built a robust data intelligence tool for bridging the gap between your data and intelligence discovery.

Watch this short video to see just how quickly you can gain insights using Kibi.

Kibi – Open Source intelligence platform – a friendly Kibana fork

Available Immediately

All the power of Kibi is available immediately via Qbox Elasticsearch dashboard. The option to provision Kibi is available when provisioning a new cluster for Elasticsearch versions 2.3 and 2.4.

If you want to use Kibi on an existing cluster, contact the Qbox Support team, and we will gladly handle the provisioning process for you. That’s why we’re here.