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We always make time for our customers. That’s a fact. And today we announce an even stronger commitment to our dedication to first-rate customer service. We’re always thinking about the next best step to improve the support experience and weave our hosted Elasticsearch community more tightly together.

We’ve just taken another step in that direction by implementing a two-way intercom. Our support team is available round-the-clock. Anytime you need us, we’re just a click away. Keep reading to learn about all of the goodness that we just put in place for you.

Qbox users have always had the ability to submit a support ticket at any time. Now we augment our customer-communication tools with something far more responsive. You’ll get even faster responses when you need help. Intercom is much faster than email support. You’ll find it in a collapsible status panel that we place unobtrusively along the right side of your browser.

We’ll provide system status updates through this feature, as well as performance improvement suggestions and helpful information for optimizing your experience with hosted Elasticsearch.

It also works the other way. To ask a question or report a problem, our users can click a small icon in the lower right corner of the browser window. Simply enter your question or concern in the field at the bottom. Optionally, you can tack on an attachment (or embellish with an emoticon!), and then hit the Enter key. We’ll get back to you promptly.


This feature is available to all of our Qbox users or customers.

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